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DLC Shop – Computer resources

We have some pretty good resources in the college of engineering. Like anything high powered you have to take the time to learn how to drive them.

Many students look at the CAD packages we have available and decide that they don’t have enough time to learn and to be proficient with them. I would argue that college is the perfect time to learn. Pretty trite huh?

You see, we have students come into the shop many times not knowing how to use some of the more useful packages we have here. They then spend hours tying up a machine while they try to learn on the fly… This is frustrating for others who are in need of a specific computer to get their job done.

In Engineering Hall room 216 is a computer lab containing some pretty good computational resources. Look them over and practice your craft.

-My 2 cents. – An Engineer



The HEIR project

I see many things happening in Marquette’s College of Engineering. This is one of the many projects happening in the college that excite me.

What is interesting about this project is that many of the robot components were manufactured in the DLC Shops. Each part was made, remade, analyzed and remade again with the knowledge that the hard work would produce something meaningful. The students driving this project are succeeding beyond everyone’s expectations. Take a look and imagine what is possible…

If you want to help, this group is currently crowd funding for attending RoBoCup 2014.

It is a good cause…

My 2 cents. – An Engineer