DLC Shop Notes – Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself
From the DLC website:

The Stan Jaskolski Discovery Learning Center Laboratory provides a fully equipped, on-site machine shop for design and production of prototypes, test fixtures or complex objects. It is where students get the job done.

There are two requirements prior to using our gear for your project.
Shop training certification to operate the machine tools
– Create a print or write up a process sheet for the work you will be doing

The DLC Lab is used by other students, faculty and staff, so it is crucial to allow sufficient time in build timeline to complete your project.

Contact the Operations Engineer for an appointment to discuss the project and tooling needs.

Shop training certification is required for anyone using the DLC Lab Shop. The level of training depends on the equipment needed for the project. Shop training is only done in the Fall semester. Mastering this machine tool equipment takes time and practice. Plan your schedule accordingly.

No “training” assistance or “help” will be given during a DIY project. Training assistance given to one student during a DIY make causes reduced attention to the rest of the shop. The shop machinist job duties require them to be constantly vigilant when multiple students are in the shop. The machinist will decide if they are available to assist.

You will be monitored during a DIY while in the shop.  The process sheet or print will be required for anyone asking questions of the shop machinist. Prior to the start of any job, DLC Lab staff will be glad to assist students in selection of the proper tooling to safely and accurately complete a job. We encourage preplanning a job.

The tool crib may check out hand tools to those that do not have any training. Powered hand tools will be made available at our discretion.


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