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Android Apps and getting started…

Android Apps and getting started

by Adam Stroud

Have you ever been curious about making your own android application, but intimidated by the prospect of coding? I know how you feel, and after taking the leap, I’d like to report back that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was one of the best leaps I’ve ever made.

Like any skill, you need a great project to work on in order to develop and hone that skill. Without a doubt, android app development is an incredible platform to work on for several reasons:

  • Android apps are built with Java, which is universally accepted as the best language to start coding in
  • Google made the android platform, so all of their code is open source and free
  • Since it is free, millions of people tinker with android development. This means that millions of people post what they’ve learned and troubles they’ve run into on websites like

Your phone or tablet is more powerful than your laptop was 5-10 years ago. In addition to its raw computing power, it has touch sensing, a microphone, cameras, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a compass. Does your laptop have those? These user-interface features make the possibilities endless in terms of developing a unique app that you can get excited about and show your friends and employers. For all you civil and mechanical engineers out there: I’m sure you’ll knock the socks off your interviewer when you tell them you know how develop applications. Wow! That guy can program too?

So what can you do to get started? Hit up YouTube for some beginner tutorials or follow this link for a nice step by step tutorial:




Discover the Capabilities of Coreldraw X6 for the Epilog Laser

Discover the Capabilities of Coreldraw X6 for the Epilog Laser

By Mike Bergagna

Many of the Marquette Engineering students have heard or used the Epilog Laser 36EXT. It is the most popular machine in the Discovery Learning Center.  Recently the DLC has upgraded to a new program which is the new Coreldraw X6.  This program is revised from Coreldraw X4 to improve user interface and help users make more elaborate designs.  The Epilog Laser receives input from this program to produce the art that is designed on the computer program.

To keep up with the fast moving technology CorelDraw has introduced Touch Support to be able to design a pattern on a touchscreen computer and implement it on the new computer program.

A few useful layout tools that are new to X6 are being able to add page numbers to the documents, be able to position an object relative to different positions instead of the top left hand corner that X4 only allowed, and being able to preview the finished design before finalizing the content on the document.

With CorelDraw X6 Image Editing has never been easier with the ability to remove areas from a photo that are unwanted in the final design and for greater design effects X6 has created the ability to adjust photos for Vibrance, Grayscale, and Photo Filter effects

For even more information on the new CorelDraw X6 computer program please refer to the website below with all the new interesting features that are being applied along with some useful videos.