Balance of Life

Each year new students arrive. Excited to be away from home and starting out on their new life. It is a new beginning.

The excitement is infectious. It seeps into the shop and breathes life into the old maker’s bones. We wonder what fun and fantasy the year will bring. We watch as students over-extend themselves. We observe as each young man and woman commit the foibles of an adult life and then grow up in their own way.

Spring comes and those who have been here for a few years leave. We’ve learned temper our missing them by listening for the small stories that sneak back to campus about those for whom we have great hopes.We learn about careers, marriages and families with the pride of being able to say we knew them when….

It is the balance of life.

Why the morbidly sickly sweet prose and musings? Well, by now the new students have learned about their first test grades. Some are good and some are bad but they are never what they expected them to be…

Balancing your time and energy is important.

Learn that all-nighters, while fixing the immediate problem, are not the solution. It takes energy that could be used elsewhere. Balance.

One of my favorite sayings starts with a question. “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is “One bite at a time…cooked preferably.”

So tonight remember to take one bite at a time while you study for your next test or work on inscrutable things that your theology professor has assigned.

My 2 cents. – An Engineer


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