DLC Labs – 3D printing

3D prototyping

The DLC Lab has three Dimension 3D prototyping machines.

  • Dimension 1200ES
  • Dimension Elite
  • Dimension uPrint


These machines are available for student and faculty use when pursuing educational or research goals. We do like to ask questions from time to time about the purpose of the prototype. This allows for more efficient use of materials and time on the machines. Talk to the Operations Engineer if you have questions.

There are a few guidelines we would like to pass along.

  • Files sent to the DLC should be an exported .stl from any CAD package that you like.
  • The work order should state the physical size and volume of the object to be printed. This can be calculated by the CAD software. We use this information to select the machine which will fit your model. This is not required, only helpful…
  • Plan on a 2-4 workday turn around. Sometimes it is shorter, sometimes it is longer. It depends on the complexity of the model, the amount of material and the number of current print jobs. We move them through as quickly as we can.
  • The plastic material is Stratasys® ABS-M30. This link on MATWEB should help.
  • Current reported tolerances of the printed model are 0 to +0.010 inch. This usually means the an ID hole can be up to 0.020inches undersized.
  • Small parts can sometimes be a problem. Something smaller than thumbnail size is not usually successful. We might be able to find a way though.

We have many different ways of prototyping an object. Talk to us. We can help.


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