An Engineer’s musings…Work Ethic

Every day we get older. This is fact. We learn. We change. We grow. We expire.

Some of my learning came from a gentleman out east who spent a great deal of time looking at antique heating systems ( Boilers to be specific ). One observation he made was that when he looked at a boiler system from 1910, the people who designed and installed the system where most likely dead. Yet the heating system still operated. He marveled at the ingenuity and skill of those long dead craftsmen and engineers whose work still breathed.

He came up with a saying that described the “Dead Men” who spoke to him through their works. “A hundred years from now, they will gaze upon my work and marvel at my skills but never know my name. And that will be good enough for me.” – Dan Holohan

I think this ethic describes what a craftsman and engineer should aspire to be. We create solutions. We build them. We move on. All of our works are the best they can be so that our descendants marvel that we did so much with so little.


Try explaining this to a boss or a customer who wants an answer right now… No matter how bad or good it is.


Greatness is something to aspire to. It is not a compromise but a balance of the many things that we work on in our professional lives.

My 2 cents. – An Engineer


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